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Our mission is to deliver the student management platform and services that allow you to transform your academic delivery, student success and operational efficiency.


Education is a important element in the growth, productivity and transformation of individuals and nations. Our Student Management Platform is a enabler in the delivery of quality Higher Education to transform lives

Who We Are

Our systems and platform has been developed with the primary objective of utilizing the latest technology and expert IT talent for improving the standards of education in institutes thereby ensures 360-degree growth of students and helps institutes in  communication, coordination, analytics, monitoring & management. Education system plays a vital role in the overall development of any country. With the advent of modern technologies there is increased awareness among countries to focus on the quality of education.
MograSIS is the Student Management Platform that facilitates the smooth coordination among all the stakeholders namely teachers, students, parents, admin staff, management and mentors

Our team is comprised of the IT experts and distinguished software professionals with a deep and diverse working experience of providing software in the education domain. Our collective experience of more than 25 years and result-oriented outlook and adherence to best performance guidelines make us a trusted partner for our clients.

Success comes from excellent blend of domain knowledge, business model, technical expertise and ability to identify ourselves with the customers. MOGRASYS helps our customers and end user by understanding their processes, priorities in terms of business needs and social needs, re-engineering to adopt best practices, implementing various solutions to suite your requirements, training and developing your own resources, delivering the services to your desired end users & maintaining it over the period of time to translate a project in success.  Entire approach of team BMS is towards customer satisfaction and developing excellent products

History Timeline

Mograsys Technologies will always with driven with the mantra of TOGETHER WE CAN and NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

Regional Distribution Partners

Executive Management

25+ years of domain expertise in education
Professional backgrounds at International group in Qatar
Successfully exited an Ed-Tech venture
Strong understanding of technology, business and consumer

Key Success Factors

We understand and acknowledge only one Success Factor "Client Satisfaction".

We'll Always Be There For You
From Conversion and Setup to Ongoing Customer Support